Best Books of 2018

In 2018, I had a fun idea: why not create a physical book for the annual Best Books project? This process involved commissioning not only an illustrator for the art, but also a paper engineer to turn the illustrations into a book. I also designed the online piece for the year's 10 best books, which can be seen at

Credits: Art direction and design by Clare Ramirez; illustrations by Neiko Ng; paper engineering by Simon Arizpe; video by Allie Caren and Jayne Orenstein; hand modeling by Joanne Lee.



Artist Neiko Ng created illustrations to show three book genres: romance, mystery, and science fiction.


Paper engineer Simon Arizpe took the artwork and transformed them into a fun pop-up book.


I also designed the print pages that ran in the Arts & Style section.


Behind the Scenes

Here are a few photos of the book itself, the shoot when we filmed the video topper for the online piece, and the proofs for the print pages. 


More work

Using Format