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The Washington Post Magazine asked 14 wonks and journalists from across the political spectrum to propose one surprising thing that Biden should do as president. Their mandate was to highlight a creative idea that our readers might not have thought of — not necessarily the obvious policy measures that are at the forefront of political discussion. We also asked seven artists to propose — and illustrate — ideas of their own. You can see the full project at

Credits: Art direction by Clare Ramirez and Suzette Moyer; digital development and print design by Clare Ramirez; edited by Richard Just.



Design editor Suzette Moyer and I worked with seven illustrators for this project. In our search, we considered artists' backgrounds, location and style, which resulted in illustrations that had a range of styles and ideas. We asked them what topic they were interested in addressing so as not to have overlapping topics; they responded with immigration, student loans, and gun reform to name a few. The artists we worked with were Jose Berrio, Louisa Bertman, Eric Hanson, Rebecca Hendin, Shema Love, Ndubisi Okoye, and Jesse Zhang.

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This project ran in print on Jan. 17, 2021, just three days before Joe Biden's inauguration.


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