Digital Projects

Google AMP Stories

The Washington Post was one of several partners with Google to test the new AMP stories format: a storytelling template that relies on a tappable, mobile-first experience. The project launched in February. These AMP stories live on the Washington Post website and are original stories, unlike those that are repurposed for Instagram or Snapchat. I work on a small team comprised of people with photo, reporting and video backgrounds. I've also have had the opportunity to step beyond my design role by writing, researching and pitching story ideas for our team to tackle. 

Skills that I've learned through designing these stories include Github and Terminal proficiency, Archie Markup Language (Google Docs), VTT video captioning and simply improving my familiarity with html, css and javascript. 

See below for a few examples. 

Enterprise Designs

My job as a designer involves working on the digital presentation of enterprise projects. For these stories, I work very closely with photo editors, assignment editors and copy editors across multiple sections in the newsroom (foreign, national and sports, to name a few). See below for a few examples. 

Using Format