The Photo Issue

In December 2020, the Washington Post Magazine published a special 88-page 2020 Photo Issue comprised of nine different photo essays. From Baltimore to Los Angeles, Paris to Portland, this was a critical dispatch covering the three big stories for the year — and a way for future generations to not only understand the chaos, but also to glimpse the seeds of hope that show how we will endure. I designed five of the four photo essays for print and spearheaded the digital design, which can be found here:

Credits: Print design by Clare Ramirez and Suzette Moyer; digital design and development by Clare Ramirez; photo editing by Dudley M. Brooks; photographs by Peter Turnley, Barbara Davidson, Dee Dwyer, John McDonnell, May-Ying Lam, Michael Robinson Chavez, Jelani Rice, Mark Peterson and Jonathan Frydman.

This project was recognized with an Award of Excellence for story page design at SND's Best of Digital Design competition, and an Award for Excellence for story design at SND's Best of Print Design. 


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