The Photo Issue

In December 2020, the Washington Post Magazine published a special 88-page 2020 Photo Issue comprised of nine different photo essays. From Baltimore to Los Angeles, Paris to Portland, this was a critical dispatch covering the three big stories for the year — and a way for future generations to not only understand the chaos, but also to glimpse the seeds of hope that show how we will endure. I designed five of the four photo essays for print and spearheaded the digital design, which can be found here:

Credits: Print design by Clare Ramirez and Suzette Moyer; digital design and development by Clare Ramirez; photo editing by Dudley M. Brooks; photographs by Peter Turnley, Barbara Davidson, Dee Dwyer, John McDonnell, May-Ying Lam, Michael Robinson Chavez, Jelani Rice, Mark Peterson and Jonathan Frydman.


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