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A selection of photo essays that I've designed for both digital and print.


Ukraine in Pictures

Washington Post Magazine produced a special photo issue about the Ukrainian conflict. The first photo essay by Guillaume Herbaut focuses on what came before the war and the situation leading up to it. The second photo essay by Salwan Georges shows the grief surrounding a Ukrainian town as families claim and bury their dead. The third and final photo essay by Peter Turnley documents a train ride from Ukraine to Poland as hundreds of refugees make the journey to freedom, leaving behind their home country. I designed the entirety of the digital design of this project, as well as two of the photo essays for print.

Credits: Digital design and development by Clare Ramirez. Print design by Clare Ramirez and Marissa Vonesh. Photos by Guillaume Herbaut, Salwan Georges, and Peter Turnley. Photo editing by Dudley M. Brooks.

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American Crossroads: The 2020 Photo Issue

From Baltimore to Los Angeles, Paris to Portland, this special 88-page issue was a critical dispatch covering the three big stories for 2020 — the covid 19 pandemic, the  Black Lives Matter uprising, and the presidential election. 

I designed five of the four photo essays in this project for print and did the entirety of the digital design.

Credits: Digital design and development by Clare Ramirez. Print design by Clare Ramirez and Suzette Moyer. Photos and photo illustrations by Peter Turnley, Barbara Davidson, Dee Dwyer, John McDonnell, May-Ying Lam, Michael Robinson Chavez, Jelani Rice, Mark Peterson and Jonathan Frydman. Photo editing by Dudley M. Brooks.

This project was recognized with an Award of Excellence for story page design at SND's Best of Digital Design competition, and an Award for Excellence for story design at SND's Best of Print Design. 

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Everyday Resilience

Brooklyn-based photographer Russell Frederick has spent the past quarter-century on a crusade to capture positive images of Black America. This photo essay showcases his images of everyday Black life and achievement, which he argues can help counteract racism by redefining the visual narrative away. His images capture the resilience that the Black community, he says, “has in its DNA” and that can be an inspiration for all Americans in these pandemic-challenged times.

Credits: Digital and print design by Clare Ramirez. Photos by Russell Frederick. Photo editing by Dudley M. Brooks. 

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In many parts of Latin America, lack of job opportunities, limited access to education and political corruption have persisted for generations, fueling waves of migrations. In recent years, photographer Nicoló Filippo Rosso has been following Latin American migrants — those crossing from Venezuela to Colombia, and others hoping to find their way from Central America through Mexico to the United States. This striking photo essay tells their story — and the story of an unsettled hemisphere.

Credits: Digital and print design by Clare Ramirez. Photos by Nicoló Filippo Rosso. Photo editing by Chloe Coleman. 

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The Pastor Who Defied the Odds

With a congregation that is roughly 60 percent Black and 40 percent White, Bethlehem Apostolic Church, led by Rev. Dr. Darrell Cummings, is the most diverse church in Wheeling. Its influence is felt even outside its doors: the church offers vaccine clinics, tutoring programs and social services to this majority White Appalachian city. This piece is part of the magazine's special issue: "The Lost Local News Issue."

Credits: Digital and print design by Clare Ramirez. Photos by Rebecca Kiger. Photo editing by Dudley M. Brooks. 

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