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RISE Refugees Project • Paris Terrorist Attacks Series • Lockerbie Scholarship Anniversary Series • Indigenous Students Series • Personal Essays

RISE: Refugees Project

During my last semester of college, I spent months at Refugee and Immigrant Self-Empowerment. I really got to know the workers and refugees by observing ESL and citizenship classes, which are taught by local volunteers, and spending time with refugee children in the organization's after-school program. This story was part of The Daily Orange's refugees series and was also my last for the publication. In addition to writing and reporting the stories, I art directed and designed the story in its later stages. This article received a Hearst Journalism Award for Feature Writing. It was entered on behalf of the Newhouse School.

'FIND THEIR PLACE': How a local nonprofit is empowering and encouraging refugees and immigrants in Syracuse

Sidebar: RISE programs provide resources and encouragement for refugees 

Paris Terrorist Attacks Series

While I was studying abroad at the SU London center during the fall 2015 semester, I took a weekend trip to Paris and found myself in the middle of the worst attacks in the city since World War II. While I was there, I conducted reporting and interviewed more than 40 students who were studying through Syracuse University Abroad centers in London and Strasbourg (France), and wrote about their experiences in three separate articles. 

The first article, "SU Abroad students detail experiences during Paris terrorist attacks," was a finalist for a Mark of Excellence Award in News Writing through the Society for Professional Journalists, collegiate level. See below for a few photos I took in Paris that were also published in The Daily Orange.

Lockerbie Scholarship 25th Anniversary Series

On Dec. 21, 1988, terrorists detonated a bomb aboard Pan Am Flight 103, which was flying to the John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City from Heathrow Airport in London. The attack killed all 259 passengers on the plane and 11 on the ground in the small town of Lockerbie, Scotland. Twenty-seven years after the tragedy, which killed 35 Syracuse University students coming home from a semester abroad in London, the partnership between Lockerbie and SU continues through the Lockerbie Scholarship, which allows two graduates of the town's high school to study at SU for a full year. Fall 2015 marked the scholarship's 25th anniversary, and these stories were published for The Daily Orange's annual Remembrance Week series. I started working on the article at the end of the school year in May, when I conducted research about the scholarship by spending time in the university's archives. In the months after that, I worked with the photographer and editors to compile names, plan a three-day visit to the high school and arrange interviews in the cities of Lockerbie, Edinburgh and London.

*The first article, "Year after year," was entered on behalf of the Newhouse School in the Hearst Journalism Awards for Feature Writing. 

Indigenous Students Series

I had the pleasure of collaborating with another reporter at The Daily Orange to report and write a series on Indigenous Peoples Day. The series was timely because it focused on the university's newfound recognition of Indigenous Peoples Day instead of Columbus Day. We also were able to focus on the unique stories of the native students on the Syracuse University campus. 

In addition to writing and reporting the series, I was also very involved in the art direction seeing as I was the paper's presentation director at the time. I created the branding for the series and was present for photo shoots.

Personal Essays

The Lily: I’m a legal immigrant. In high school, I would have agreed with Trump.

As a legal immigrant, I struggled with how I should feel about issues regarding undocumented immigrants and supporting paths to citizenship for "dreamers." I wrote for The Washington Post's The Lily about how Trump's rise to power forced me to confront my feelings.

ONA Student Newsroom: I don't have to tough it out: A post-Paris lesson

I was one of three among ONA Newsroom 2016 students to write a personal essay. I wrote about dealing with PTSD after my coverage of the Nov. 2015 Paris terrorist attacks for my college newspaper, which happened a week apart from my grandmother's funeral.

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