I'm a news designer and art director at The Washington Post.

My role includes designing print layouts, producing digital projects and working with artists for editorial illustrations.


Canary: TWP Investigates 

Digital design and development

The Washington Post’s first long-form investigative podcast chronicles what it takes for survivors to step forward. I designed the landing page and defined its storytelling structure, which included highlighting the visual assets and incorporating audio clips.  My intent was to mimic the powerful narrative and tone that can be found by listening to the podcast. 

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The Photo Issue

Digital design and development, photo essay print design

The Washington Post Magazine's 2020 Photo Issue comprised nine photo essays covering the three big stories for the year: the global coronavirus pandemic; the Black Lives Matter protests as a result of George Floyd's death; and the presidential election. The photo essays were published in a special 88-page issue, of which I designed half. I also designed the digital presentation.

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Biden Should . . .

Art direction, digital design and development, print design

The Washington Post Magazine published a project called “Biden Should …” which asked writers to propose one surprising thing that Joe Biden should do while in office. We thought this would be a great opportunity to ask not just writers, but artists as well. For this project, I worked with artists on their illustrations and responses. I also designed both the print layout and digital presentation.

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Sincerely, Michelle

Art direction, digital design

Financial columnist Michelle Singletary came to us with the idea of using her column to write a special 10-part series, in which she would address common misconceptions involving race and economic inequality. I worked with an artist to produce the illustrations for these columns, which tackled a wide range of subjects like affirmative action, redlining, investing, reparations and microaggressions.

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The Weddings Issue

Studio direction, prop styling, print design

I had the fun challenge of developing a visual theme for the Business section's Weddings issue. I wanted to play with the idea of finances and weddings, so I thought, why not do something with actual money? So I created origami with bills, then style and photograph them according to each story. I also commissioned a local florist to arrange a special wedding bouquet with flowers made of bills.

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Best Books 

Art direction, studio direction, digital and print design

For The Post's annual Best Books project, I decided to do something a little more fun that just commission illustrations. My idea was to create an actual pop-up book, which could then be photographed in the studio. This project involved commissioning not only an illustrator for the artwork, but also a paper engineer to transform the illustrations into a book. 

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Art Direction 

One of my favorite parts of my job is being able to work with illustrators on a wide variety of topics. Here's a selection of some of my recent collaborations as an art director.

Dave Barry's year in review
Artist: Gel Jamlang

Pandemic finances
Artist: Angus Greig

Essay on systemic racism
Artist: Kingsley Nebechi

New rules of retirement 
Artist: Rashmi Tyagi



Print Design 

I design print sections such as Business, Sports and, more recently, Washington Post Magazine.

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