The Weddings Issue

I had the responsibility of developing a visual theme for the Business section's Weddings issue. After a lot of brainstorming, I came up with the fun idea to create origami with bills, to emphasize the finance aspect in these wedding stories. (Yes. I used my own cash.) I also hired a D.C. florist to arrange a special wedding bouquet with flowers made of bills. You can find the stories at

Credits: Art direction and prop styling by Clare Ramirez; photos by Katherine Frey; photo editing by Annaliese Nurnberg; flower arrangement by Holley Simmons, a florist at the DC flower shop SheLovesMe; modeling by Courtney Kan.

Bouquet made with money flowers, arranged by Holley Simmons

Special Print Issue

The stories ran together as a special edition in the Sunday Business section. Here are a few pages.

Behind the Scenes

I spent a few weeks creating the money origami and preparing probs before scheduling time in the studio to stage and photograph the images. Here's a look at how much fun I had with the team.



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